You feel CBD might… just might… be a bit overrated?

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Because in our experience, the second someone finds out you’re dealing with chronic pain, they’re telling you that their sister’s friend’s aunt’s hairdresser used to have exactly what you do…

And they were INSTANTLY cured by CBD oil.

The problem is, it doesn’t always work. It’s not always manufactured or labeled correctly. And yes, it can be harmful!

I hate it because…

CBD is being sold everywhere like it’s a miracle or cure-all.

They claim it’s…

“Pain-relieving, appetite suppressing, depression eliminating, cancer-curing, and immune-system fortifying…”

It’s in everything: creams, oils, rubs, coffees, and even beer…

But the truth is…

Not only does CBD not work for pain…

But it also can be dangerous!

In fact, Harvard recently issued a warning about CBD.

They said the science on CBD doesn’t match the marketing…

In fact, they also said if you are taking blood thinners or heart medications, it could cause severe complications or even death.

But there’s good news…

There is actually a SAFE, and all-natural way to eliminate your pain.

It’s legal.
It won’t get you high.
It’s cheap.
Shoot, it’s even very simple.

Pro athletes have been using this secret for over 30 years.

If you have…

√ Swelling
√ Muscle soreness
√ Cramps
√ And inflammation

Call to discover a life free of pain. We can help.

To your health and comfort,

360 Wellness AZ Chiropractic


$20 Initial Visit

Includes consultation and exam.

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